Hybrid apps are tempting but you're unimpressed...

You tend to see them as sluggish, fragile and poorly integrated. Not like a native app at all. Amateurish apps like these are unacceptable, why should your users put up with one?

The development process is an opaque patchwork of tools and scripts. Mobile web frameworks weigh a ton and besides not making life any easier, they make debugging hard and get you a first row seat in plugin hell.

You hear a lot that doing it all in native code is the only way to do something worthy but because you think it is hard you don't even dare trying.

There should be a better way! What if you could build a smooth, professional looking mobile app as a web developer?

What if you didn’t have to mimic native look and feel because you were using the real thing?

Imagine how much faster your app could be if it didn’t have to load, parse and run a ton of javascript files just to display "hello world".

Know how low your WTF/min rate could be when you don’t have to juggle a myriad of tools, frameworks, build systems and plugins to make them work the way they should.

Bugs happen, but be comfortable knowing you can fix every line of code in use, because you know its purpose and where to find it.

Clear Hybrid Apps will enable you to build quality hybrid apps for iOS and Android.

Learn how a hybrid app works and how you can make one from scratch including the native part.

Learn native programming as a Javascript programmer, in plain language. Weird syntax or complicated APIs? Not a problem if you have this book!

Learn how to combine each technology in a seamless app. How to prevent bloat and keep your app running silky smooth at all times.

After reading the book you will know how to open Xcode or Eclipse, start coding and quickly end up an environment that you will understand inside out.

You won’t be a clueless copy-paster, you will fully grok what is going on and why.

Here are some of the things you are going to learn:

  • The basics of iOS and Android development
  • How to implement a simple container to run your web app
  • How to use some native features to augment the web app
  • How to use tabs, a sidebar menu, normal navigation controls and gestures, the Android menu
  • How to react to being opened from another apps
  • Plus much more

Learn how to make an app that loads and runs faster, is simpler to code and update while retaining full native functionality. Forget about heavy Javascript frameworks, you won’t be needing those unless you really want to.

Even if your app is fully native, learn how to make better use of web resources for greater flexibility.

Make an app easily and that will impress your users.

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Who is to blame for this book?

My name is Pedro Cardoso and I work as a mobile programmer at sapo.pt.

I have developed native and web apps for mobile devices, desktop and smart TVs.

You can reach me at pcardoso@gmail.com or @pcardoso.